Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What are QR Codes?

We are learning about QR Codes.  Q R stands for Quick Response Codes, because the codes are quick to read and they have the capacity to store a large amount of information.

You may have seen some of these codes on food labels, on posters around town where people are advertising a product or merely trying to get information across in a clever technological way.

QR codes can only be read with certain devices such as Smartphones, i-Pads and  iPod Touches.  You need to upload the 'Scan app' which is free and then you can use any of the above devices to read our code.

Our class worked in groups to create our own QR codes.  We focused on favourite websites that we like to visit.  Can you crack our codes??? 

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  1. Hi C2 we are in A4 right now checking out your blog. We are fascinated by the Q R Codes and would love to see how they work but we do not have a smartphone, Ipod touch or similar - maybe someone from your class could come over to B3 and show us.

    From B3


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