Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keegan's Fishing Battle With 'Kingie'

Last weekend, I went fishing at Coromandel close by the Mussel Farm.  I had black magic snapper bait on my hook and threw the line out on to the surface of the water just to see if I would get any bites.  To my surprise, a 'Kingie' (King Fish) came under the boat and took the bait.  The battle began.  I struggled to bring my fish in and when it came to the surface, Gary and I had trouble trying to get the 'Kingie' into the boat, but as you can see in the picture, I WON!

By Keegan


  1. Fantastic photo Keegan. We're still waiting for our smoked 'Kingi'.

  2. Well done Keegan!...awesome fish and glad he didn't pull you in!!

  3. well done keegan! I thought that was a SHARK!.

  4. Thats a giant fish Keegan !!!!



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